Colour Town

Colour Town is a stunning new high-energy art space offering painting, colouring and craft workshops for children and their caregivers. It brings colour and joy into people’s lives by providing a fun and relaxed space to play and create. Meet Vix, an artist with many years of experience creating festival decor, she designed and built Colour Town and will be open daily with fluid crafting sessions…. There will be laughter, there will be messy play for all ages and of course, there will be COLOUR! Within Colour Town we like to let you choose what you would like to make or do. For you to use with your imagination, Colour Town is stocked with a multitude of felt tip pens, crayons and pencils…coloured tissue paper, ribbon, child-friendly paints, brushes and all the equipment you could think of to make your wonderful creations. On offer we will have : * 🌈 ✨ COLOURING ✨🌈 We love colouring …large, small, messy or neat …sit down at the giant rainbow table, get a bucket of pens and enjoy some calm colouring time * A messy paint-spinning corner where you can flick and pour colour to your heart's content ….. * ✨🌈Rainbow Handprints 🌈✨ * Tissue paper craft * Design and colour your very own festival flag