Extraordinary Extinct™ Fossil trail

Unearth a lost world with this fascinating family trail, ideal for helping young children (and parents) identify some of the most common fossils found across the UK. Collect a map from Dodo and Dinosaur’s stand and head out on an expedition around the festival site to discover nine Extraordinary Extinct™ Prehistoric Minibeasts. Enjoy learning about ancient invertebrates that you can find for yourself: from tentacled ammonites and belemnites to curiously shaped sea urchins and surprising sponges. Discover fascinating fossil facts and complete your trail sheet to earn your explorer’s sticker of honour! "Fossil hunting is a fun, exciting and free hobby. It helps us to learn about the history of life on Earth and is a great way to begin to study the natural world. It also keeps us fit and healthy by being outdoors. There’s nothing better than finding something that no one has ever seen before. Imagine being the first ever person to hold a fossil shell or sea sponge that’s hundreds of millions of years old – now that’s really impressive!" - Dr David Waterhouse, Palaeontologist (Fossil Hunter) and Museum Curator Fun for all the family, ideal for preschool to primary-aged children (0-12). No equipment is required, simply collect a trail sheet from Dodo and Dinosaur’s stand.