Scuba Diving Experience

You've conquered the challenges facing you on dry land, now come and join us in the mysterious aquatic environment! New to Gone Wild 2023, we are taking you on a subaquatic adventure into SCUBA diving, driving you to local beauty spot Babbacombe beach where you'll undertake familiarisation of the equipment and safety precautions before submerging into the safe waters of Babbacombe Bay. This location has been chosen as it can be dived in both low and high tide and is protected from elements due to its geographical location and has a depth no deeper than 7 meters. It offers a safe pool-like environment whilst the reef you'll explore is home to cuttlefish, crabs, lobsters, eels and an abundance of indigenous aquatic life. This not to be missed experience is appropriate for anyone new to SCUBA diving and those looking for a dive experience with friends and family.