Silly Science

A Silly Science Show puts the fun back into science! Silly Stasia and Bonkers Bertie present a hi-energy, fun-tastic family show full of laughs, science and silly surprises. Inspiring young minds and igniting a passion for learning about the wacky world we live in. Delivering daring demos and extraordinary egg-speriments they will be sure to dazzle and amaze you. Silly Science Workshops are hands-on, multi-sensory experiences where children get to explore and experiment for themselves with our friendly team of wacky Silly Scientists. SLIME: Make your own tub of sensory slime putty, exploring the properties of slime whilst thinking about the animals that produce slime and its many uses! Then use our slime stretch station to measure and test your slime whilst thinking scientifically… How far will it stretch? Why does it bounce? What makes it so stretchy?