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Survival Shelter

A commando helps a child into a survival shelter

The singular most basic, yet important step of a survival journey. Seeking cover from the elements, be it a natural or a scavenged shelter, jungle, desert or snow, the basics are the same, can you do it in time and avoid getting wet and blown away from our very own ‘storm cloud’?! […]

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Children are instructed in how to put camo paint on

Camouflage & concealment, stealth movement, and marksmanship all come together in the stalk. Learn from the very best real-life experienced commandos. How to be unseen, how to move, camouflage up, grab a paint gun & stalk the prey, If you make it to within range can you hold your nerve?…. 1 shot 1 kill? […]

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Spear Making

It’s not all brawn and intricate knife skills at the hugely expanded spear-making workshop. Cut, customise and harden your spear tip in the coals, before testing it and taking it away! It’s massively popular every year. […]

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Regains & Knots

A girl is instructed by a commando helping her crawl along the rope

A little bit of Bear, survival and the command course blended together in the one simple, yet dreaded commando training exercise: The Regain! Commando crawl across our terrible chasm on a thick hessian rope, if you lose your balance, you’re hanging below, tired, scared and alone. We’ll teach you how to regain your place back […]

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A commando instructs a group of children on firelighting

Arguably the most important survival skill out there, Dynamic, 100% hands on fire lighting experience using techniques that Bear himself utilises led by expert instructors! […]

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Adults and children undergoing archery instruction

Primal hunting skills, throw and fly your weapons down the Gone Wild range at the survival villages ‘combat hunting station’, a mile away from target archery, take aim at our realistic target animals!! […]

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Military Style Games

children and adults take part in an obstacle course

Without giving too much away, Commando Challenges are totally unique and fun team-building exercises created by Commando Experiences founder David Fairbrother. Participants can expect competition, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking and water! […]

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Commando Assault Course

Children and adults crawl under a net in a n obstacle course

Now in its 3rd glorious year, the blend of skills and fitness, brawn and brains, all required to get around the course in record time and win the coveted Gone Wild Champions Trophy, go hard or go home! […]

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Commando Paintball Ambush

Four people taking part in a paintballing activity

Patrol and fight your way out of “ambush alley’ the notorious strip of land situated in Death valley at the very edge of Gone Wild land! Learn ambush and anti ambush drills from former commandos, learn weapon drills, get suited and fir your helmets, grab the pump action paint guns and fight the enemy. Thin […]

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Commando Assault Range Time Trial

How fast are you? On the whistle, set off down the range engaging targets as you go, starting with an M4 rifle, before transitioning to a Gas-powered Glock pistol. Next, you sprint to the shotgun, before you finally run to get behind the AK47 to take out the final in-depth target. It’s then a jog […]

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