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Knight School: Learn Medieval Sword Fighting

Learn how to fight like a medieval knight with Get Medieval! Discover the centuries-old combat
techniques used by medieval knights in an activity which blends history with action. Hone your sword
skills in duels, all vs all combat, and team games using safe, padded equipment. Suitable for a mix
of ages from 6+ to adults! […]

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Stone Slate Mini Axe Making

Learn how to shape slate into an axe head. Then, with expert guidance, you’ll attach and bind it to a piece of wood to craft your very own mini primitive axe. It’s a chance to connect with history and discover how our ancestors relied on nature as their ultimate hardware store. Unleash your creativity and […]

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Arrow Making

Embark on a hands-on adventure and craft your very own primitive arrow using slate, feathers, and authentic primitive glue! Under expert guidance, you’ll learn to create glue using a recipe dating back to the Stone Age. Then, you’ll use this to bind feathers and shape your own slate-tip arrowhead, ensuring your arrow is both functional […]

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Ground Fighting Techniques

Through the Krav Maga self-defence system, you will cover how to defend, better your position and get away from grounded positions utilising effective KravMaga & BJJ techniques developed specifically for the street and the additional risks related. […]

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Biofluorescent Night Walk

Join us for an extraordinary adventure as we explore the fascinating world of biofluorescence! Biofluorescence is a unique phenomenon where certain organisms emit light in different colours than the ones they absorb, and we will embark on a guided walk to discover this captivating natural phenomenon up close. With UV torches provided, we will venture […]

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Water Workshop with Incredible Oceans

Water is essential for life but too often we take this important resource for granted – after all, we’ve literally got it on tap! Water scientist Dr Russell Arnott talks us through drinking water pollutants as you race against time to make your own water purifier from simple household objects. […]

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Become a Dinosaur Ranger

During this captivating experience, each child will be personally guided by our team of professional Dinosaur Rangers. These knowledgeable experts are passionate about sharing their love for dinosaurs and ensuring that every young explorer gains a deep understanding of these magnificent creatures. The Dino Explorer Adventure is designed to be both fun and educational. Our […]

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Hack Your Brain with Braintastic

A whirlwind introduction to the brain and nervous system. Packed with memorable large-scale demos, you’ll create a giant neuron live on stage to explore how nerve cells communicate. Then, watch as we hijack those signals to control someone’s movements (preferably a grown-up!) Along the way we investigate what this tells us about how we learn, helping young people to understand their brains better, and learn how to make the most of them. […]

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Anatomical Life Drawing – The Gut

A life drawing class with a twist. For a unique blend of art and science, this workshop will be jointly led by professional artist Hayley Hill and anatomist Dr Siobhan Moyes, who lead a life-drawing class with an interesting dose of anatomy.

Today’s topic is The Gut.

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