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Gone Wild Festival Terms and Conditions

Panoptic Group Ltd administers this service on behalf of the Gone Wild Festival. All placed orders are bound by Panoptic Group’s terms and conditions.

The forthcoming content outlines the trading terms and conditions for Panoptic Group Ltd. Should you require clarification on these terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Prior to reviewing Panoptic’s terms and conditions, we advise you to bear in mind that Panoptic does NOT organize or oversee events. We bear no responsibility for any alterations to the events for which we vend tickets, including modifications to dates, times, locations, or line-ups. Additionally, the actual delivery of tickets is not under our purview; rather, a third-party courier manages this aspect.

Panoptic’s sole responsibility lies in the sale of tickets and the provision of ticketing services to promoters and venues.


Please ensure that, before booking your tickets, you’re committed to attending the event. The tickets are intended for individual use exclusively. Once your ticket is reserved, it cannot be cancelled or swapped. If circumstances prevent your attendance, you have the option to resell your ticket at its original face value, unless prohibited by law or the event’s organizer. It’s crucial to verify with the event promoter before attempting to resell your tickets. The resale of tickets must adhere to these specified terms and conditions. Some events might also have specific ticket restrictions as determined by the event organizer.

Selling or offering tickets for commercial gain or profit is strictly against regulations. We retain the right to nullify such tickets without reimbursement and/or deny entry to the event.


Should an event be cancelled by the organizer or promoter, Panoptic will solely provide a refund equivalent to the face value of your tickets. We will make every effort to reach out to you through email, phone, or written communication using the details you provided during the ticket booking process, instructing you on how to return the tickets to us.

Please recognize that it’s your responsibility to verify the event’s status as advertised. While Panoptic strives to inform you of any event alterations, we cannot guarantee this in every instance. If the event is cancelled or its date is changed subsequent to your booking, we are prepared to facilitate a refund for the face value of your ticket. It’s important to note that this refund will NOT encompass your booking fee, nor will it cover your delivery charge if the tickets have already been dispatched to you.


In the event that you need to return your tickets to us, kindly use a secure mail service. This precaution is essential, as we cannot process a refund if your tickets go missing and do not reach us. Once we receive the tickets, we will proceed to reimburse the face value of the tickets using the same payment method you initially used.


Fees for ticket protection and charitable donations are completely non-refundable.


Occasionally, the scheduled date of an event you have procured tickets for might undergo alterations. Should this situation arise, Panoptic will reach out to you through email, phone, or written correspondence to apprise you of the validity of your ticket or to inquire whether you wish to seek a refund at face value. Please take note that the Booking Fee is non-refundable, and the reimbursement of Delivery Fees is contingent upon the tickets not having been dispatched as yet. In the event of a rescheduled date, there might exist a specific window during which refund requests can be accommodated. Should such circumstances be applicable, this information will be conveyed within the email notification concerning the change in date.


In situations where there are alterations to the event’s production or adjustments to the seating arrangement, it might be required for us to reassign your seats. As long as the new seats hold an equal or higher value compared to the originally allocated seats at the time of purchase, a refund will not be feasible in such circumstances.


In the event of an event’s postponement or cancellation, Panoptic cannot be held responsible for any extra expenses you might encounter due to personal arrangements, including travel, lodging, sustenance, or any other relevant services linked to the event.


In the scenario where the main artist fails to perform at a gig or concert, or if the event’s content significantly deviates from the advertised information, Panoptic will provide a refund equivalent to the face value of the tickets. It’s important to highlight that this policy does not extend to alterations in supporting acts or the non-appearance of supporting acts.

However, please be aware that this policy does not apply to festivals.


Ensure you safeguard your tickets as they hold the equivalent value of cash. In the unfortunate event of loss or theft, we are unable to issue replacements.


If you encounter an issue, such as non-receipt of your tickets, we urge you not to delay contacting us. It’s essential to reach out during regular office hours (Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5:30 pm), at least seven business days before the event. Refunds will not be granted for undelivered tickets if you haven’t informed us a minimum of four business days prior to the event.

In cases of non-delivery of tickets, we will endeavour to find alternative solutions for event entry. However, please be aware that this might not be feasible for tickets dispatched through secure delivery methods.


Upon receipt of your tickets, we strongly advise verifying their accuracy and ensuring they precisely match your order. If you discover any discrepancies between your received tickets and your initial order, please promptly notify us by reaching out to [email protected].


In the event of an address change after ticket booking, it is imperative that you promptly notify us. Panoptic cannot assume responsibility if tickets have already been dispatched to your previous address. Additionally, we strive to provide you with important event and booking updates, so kindly keep us informed of any changes to your mobile number or email address. Your timely communication ensures a smooth and informed experience.


Entry to an event is managed by the event’s promoter and the venue, and they might implement security screenings (at their reasonable discretion) to ensure safety prior to granting you access. It is essential to cooperate with these security procedures, as failing to do so could lead to denial of entry to the event.

Keep in mind that entry to an event is always subject to the terms, conditions, and regulations set by the Promoter and the venue operator. You are also required to adhere to the specific entry terms and protocols defined by the Promoter or venue operator. Non-compliance with any of these terms, conditions, or rules could result in the Promoter or venue operator declining your entry or instructing you, along with other ticket holders, to vacate the premises, without entitlement to a refund.


Panoptic is unable to issue ticket refunds for individuals who are denied entry or expelled from a venue due to any of the following circumstances:

  1. Late arrival, appearing underage, or declining security checks.
  2. Engaging in abusive, threatening, intoxicated, or disruptive behavior, including smoking in prohibited areas.
  3. Possessing offensive weapons, illegal substances, or engaging in unauthorized audio, video, or photographic recording.

*For events or tickets with age restrictions, the age limitations will be explicitly indicated during the ticket booking process. This restriction typically stems from the venue’s licensing regulations. It’s essential to thoroughly review all relevant information regarding the event and the specific ticket you intend to purchase. Additionally, if age restrictions apply, remember to carry proof of age at all times.


In instances where Panoptic faces uncontrollable circumstances that prevent us from timely mailing your tickets, an alternative arrangement can be made. Your tickets can be made accessible for collection directly at the venue’s Box Office, just before the event begins. Rest assured, we will communicate this to you through email, phone, or written correspondence (utilizing the details you provided during the booking process) to ensure you are duly informed.


Certain events may provide the option to download and print your ticket. Each issued ticket will feature a distinct barcode that allows the entry of one individual. Attempting to photocopy multiple versions is ineffective and could lead to denial of entry for the entire group.


When purchasing tickets through Panoptic, you acknowledge that the tickets are intended for your personal use and that of your group exclusively. Agreeing to purchase tickets from Panoptic entails a commitment that these tickets will not be resold under any circumstances. If you engage in the resale of tickets or endeavour to resell them at a price exceeding your purchase cost, Panoptic reserves the right to cancel all orders associated with you without prior notice.


During the ticket booking process, you will observe a specified upper limit on the number of tickets permissible for purchase. Should you place an order surpassing this established maximum, we retain the prerogative to nullify the order. The ceiling on ticket acquisition is applicable per individual, card, and household. The application of this maximum ticket limit is designed to ensure an equitable opportunity for all to secure event tickets.


In the event that Panoptic dispatches your tickets and they are returned to us with the designation “addressee unknown,” we maintain the authority to annul your order. This underscores the significance of providing accurate and current information when placing a ticket order with us.


In the context of these terms and conditions, throughout the booking procedure, and within confirmation emails, the terms “ticket” or “tickets” are employed to denote the means by which you access an event. This approach may not invariably entail the issuance of a conventional “paper” ticket. For instance, an alternative such as a wristband might be provided. Additionally, certain venues presently employ a “ticketless” system, wherein an order is designated for pickup solely at the venue’s box office. If this scenario applies, we will duly inform you.


Orders are acknowledged on the condition that payment is successfully received from the card issuer. In the event that payment cannot be secured, we retain the authority to revoke your order. Nevertheless, our foremost effort will be to reach out to you and explore alternative payment methods before taking any such action.


Given the escalating concern of fraud within our industry, it’s possible that you could receive a request for supplementary information subsequent to your booking. This is essential to verify your purchase, ensuring the security of your ticket acquisition and the protection of your card details. Your understanding of this process is greatly appreciated.


In instances where a refund is applicable, the reimbursement will be directed to the original card utilized for the purchase. Typically, this credit will be visible in your account within 14 to 28 working days from the issuance of the refund. If the card used has expired or if you no longer possess that account, we must await the refund to be declined by the issuing bank. This extension in the timeline is necessary for facilitating the refund process to an alternate card. We may request written verification confirming ownership of this new card, along with your agreement for the refund to be applied to it. Failing to provide this confirmation will hinder our ability to process the refund for you.

In circumstances where a refund is owed and Panoptic does not retain the ticket funds, or Panoptic did not function as the payment processor for the event, we will make efforts to initiate the refund through the event promoter directly on your behalf. However, it’s important to note that the responsibility and accountability for dispensing refunds rest with the event promoter or payment processor.


All payment and refund transactions, regardless of the currency involved, initiate from the UK. It’s important to note that any supplementary fees imposed by your bank or credit card provider in connection with your transaction are beyond our control. Panoptic cannot assume responsibility for these charges.


Upon placing an order, you acknowledge your comprehension that, by doing so, you consent to being contacted by Panoptic and the event’s organizer for the purpose of receiving marketing information concerning tickets for artists and events that might be of relevance to you, as well as other pertinent details. If you choose not to receive this information, you will have the opportunity to opt out of future marketing emails through unsubscribe links.


Kindly click here to access TicketPlan’s terms and conditions.


Despite our efforts to maintain accurate pricing across our website, there is a possibility of errors occurring. Should we identify a discrepancy in the price of the ticket(s) you have placed an order for, we will promptly notify you and present the choice of either confirming your order at the accurate price or canceling it. If we are unable to reach you, the order will be treated as canceled. In the event of your cancellation and if you have already made a payment, a complete refund will be issued.


Order acceptance and contract finalization will occur upon dispatch of the ticket(s) you’ve ordered, unless we’ve explicitly informed you otherwise.

Privacy Policy



This policy outlines our procedures for gathering, processing, and retaining your personal information when you visit, as well as any site with the top-level domain (“Websites”), or when you furnish personal data to us directly. We are Panoptic Group (“we,” “us,” and “our”), a registered entity under the identification number 10348236 in England and Wales. Our official address is Unit 1, Mill Road Industrial Estate, Barnstaple, EX31 1JH.

As the controller of your personal data, you can reach out to us through any of the contact methods provided on our contact page.


Gift vouchers cannot be purchased via the payment plan and cannot have ticket protection applied. Gift Vouchers are specific to the event. If a gift voucher is purchased on the last day of the festival, this cannot be used for following year’s tickets. There are no refunds on gift vouchers for any reason. If the event is cancelled then the gift voucher will be honoured at the next year’s event. When vouchers are used they are held as store credit in the users account, so any unused value is held until the expiry date.


During the ticket booking process for an event, we gather, process, store, and employ personal data, encompassing:

– Your Name

– Shipping and/or Billing Address

– Email Address

– Phone Number

– Payment Information

On occasion, we may request additional details while booking tickets, which will be explicitly presented during the checkout procedure. This additional information could pertain to factors like your age, location, preferences, vehicle particulars, or any other data necessitated by the event organizer.

Furthermore, we might collect personal information you provide to us about other individuals if you enroll them to attend an event. By doing so, you agree that you have informed any other individuals whose personal data you furnish us with regarding this privacy policy. Additionally, if required, you’ve obtained their consent, allowing us to lawfully process their personal information in accordance with this policy.

It is imperative that all personal information provided to us is truthful, comprehensive, and accurate. In cases where you supply us with incorrect or deceptive data, and there’s suspicion or identification of fraud, such occurrences will be documented.

It’s important to note that you are not obligated to provide any personal data for accessing our website. However, we may still gather information in alignment with the “Data We Automatically Collect” segment of this policy and engage in marketing communications as described in the “Marketing Communications” section.

If you contact us through email or postal correspondence, we may maintain a record of the interaction, and any phone calls with you might be logged and recorded as well.


Upon visiting our Website(s), we, or third parties acting on our behalf, gather and retain data concerning your device and activities. This data encompasses:

– The distinctive ID number of your computer or other device

– Technical particulars related to your device, like its category, web browser, or operating system

– Your chosen settings and preferences, encompassing elements like time zone and language

– Statistical insights into your browsing conduct and patterns


By subscribing to our mailing list or opting in to receive marketing communications from us, such as expressing your interest in updates about ticket availability or event sales, you grant permission for the processing of your data to facilitate the transmission of such communications. These communications could encompass newsletters, blog posts, surveys, and details regarding new events. Your consent for this data processing is recorded and maintained.

If you wish to discontinue receiving marketing communications, you can simply click the “unsubscribe” option within a marketing email.

When you provide marketing consent, we might share your information with entities for whom you have authorized us to do so. This could encompass the Event Organizer, Venue, or Artist. They may use this information for marketing purposes. At any point, you retain the ability to opt out of their marketing endeavours by either contacting them directly or adhering to the instructions furnished within their marketing communications. It’s advisable to directly consult their privacy policy for further details.


We will employ your personal information to fulfill our contractual obligation of providing you with tickets for a booked event. This encompasses tasks such as reaching out to you with event-related details, ensuring event delivery aligns with your preferences and our agreements, and addressing any inquiries, feedback, or concerns you may have pertaining to the event.

Furthermore, your personal data may be utilized to uphold our legitimate interests. This includes managing your customer service needs, enforcing terms specified in any other agreement established between us, satisfying regulatory and legal requirements (e.g., anti-money laundering protocols), facilitating auditing procedures, and informing you about modifications to this policy.


In order to facilitate your seamless entry into the event for which you’ve purchased tickets or to fulfill our contractual commitment that you’re part of, it might be necessary to share your information with the Event Organiser, Venue, or Artist. The identity of the Event Organiser will be disclosed during the time of purchase.

When submitting a refund claim under the TicketPlan-provided ticket protection, your information could also be shared with TicketPlan. This collaboration aims to facilitate the refund process and validate your eligibility for the claim.

Additionally, your personal data might be shared with service providers, sub-contractors, and agents we engage for tasks conducted on our behalf and in accordance with our guidelines. This group could encompass payment providers, event ticketing platforms, email communication services, IT support providers, accountants, auditors, and legal advisors.

In specific scenarios, we might be legally obligated to disclose your personal information in line with applicable laws and regulations. This could include instances like anti-money laundering procedures, fraud prevention, or safeguarding the rights, property, or safety of a third party.

Furthermore, your personal data could be shared in connection with, or during the negotiation phases of, activities such as mergers, asset sales, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or the acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company.


Our Website(s) may include links to third-party sites over which we hold no control. Consequently, we cannot assume responsibility for safeguarding and upholding the privacy of any information you provide while navigating such external sites. These external sites are not subject to the regulations outlined in this policy. To ensure your privacy, it is advisable to exercise caution and review the pertinent privacy policy associated with the specific site in question.


A cookie refers to a file encompassing an identifier—a sequence of letters and numbers—that is transmitted from a web server to a web browser and is then stored within the browser on your computer’s hard drive. Each time the browser seeks a page from the server, this identifier is conveyed back to the server.

Cookies can be categorized as either “persistent” or “session-based.” A persistent cookie is retained by your web browser and remains valid until its predetermined expiration date, unless you manually erase it prior to this date. Conversely, a session cookie is set to expire once your browsing session concludes, signifying the closure of your web browser.

Typically, cookies do not contain information that directly identifies you. Nevertheless, personal information about you that we maintain may be correlated with the data stored within a cookie.


The majority of web browsers offer the capability to decline the acceptance of cookies and to remove existing cookies. The procedures for accomplishing this vary depending on the browser in use. You can likely acquire information on how to block and erase cookies through the following links:

– Chrome:

– Firefox:

– Opera:

– Internet Explorer:

– Safari:

– Edge:

Please note that completely blocking all cookies could have adverse effects on your browsing experience and may hinder your ability to reserve tickets with us.


We will handle your personal information with the utmost care to guarantee its proper security. This involves safeguarding against any unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as preventing accidental loss, destruction, or harm. We accomplish this by implementing suitable technical and organizational measures. All the details you provide us with are securely stored on our servers. Additionally, any transactions involving payments are subject to encryption using an industry-standard secure encryption method.

If a password has been provided by us or selected by you, it’s essential that you maintain the confidentiality of this password.


If you create an account with us, your personal data will be kept on record until the point of account closure.

If you are subscribed to our marketing communications, your personal data will be maintained until you decide to discontinue receiving such communications.

For individuals who have reserved tickets with us or have engaged in contact regarding inquiries or comments, your personal data will be retained for a period of 10 years following the most recent interaction or booking with us.


You possess the right to ascertain whether or not we process your personal data and, if we do, to access a copy of said personal data, along with supplementary details. This supplementary information encompasses insights into the processing objectives and any recipients, if applicable, of the personal data.

Moreover, you are entitled to have any inaccurate personal data we have pertaining to you corrected, as well as incomplete personal data completed.

Under certain circumstances, you retain the right to the prompt erasure of your personal data. These circumstances include instances where the personal data we hold is no longer necessary for its original purpose; when you withdraw consent for consent-based processing; if the processing solely pertains to direct marketing purposes; or if the personal data has been handled unlawfully. However, specific exemptions apply to the right of erasure. These exemptions include instances where processing is essential for legitimate interests, fulfilling our contractual commitments, complying with legal obligations, or establishing, exercising, or defending legal claims.

Additionally, you hold the right to object to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing intentions (including profiling for such purposes). Should you raise such an objection, we will cease the processing of your personal data for this specific aim.

Furthermore, if the legal basis for our processing of your personal information is rooted in consent, you have the liberty to withdraw this consent at any time.


If you have any complaints in relation to this policy or otherwise in relation to our processing of your personal data, you should contact the UK supervisory authority: the Information Commissioner, see

In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction deems any provision within this policy as invalid or unenforceable, such a provision will be interpreted, to the extent possible, in a manner that aligns with the intentions of the involved parties. All other provisions will remain fully effective and applicable.

The regulations outlined in this policy will be overseen by the governing laws of England and Wales, and you concur to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

We hold the prerogative to modify the terms of this policy periodically. It is your responsibility to routinely review this policy in order to remain informed about any alterations. By continuing to use our website(s) or services following the stated effective date of the changes, you signify your acceptance of the modified terms.

If you possess any complaints concerning this policy or any other matters related to the processing of your personal data, it’s advisable to communicate with the UK supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner, as detailed at

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